Success Story

1-Success stories of child with mental Retardation & cerebral palsy .


1 to 8 years old child from Dhenkanal District of Odisha , was brought by the parents reffered by S.S.A with the complaints of not able to sit stand and work independently . An assessment by principal of Jibanjyoti smt. Arati prava Senapati with assistance of an ayah named Smt.Pravati Behera , diagnosed the child as developmental delay with motor & speech problem . The parent of the child , educated up to 5th class & belongs to a poor socio economic family from an urban back ground the history of the family , the child was        issue to the parents . The pregnancy status revealed nothing significant to the condition of the child .


             After detailed interventional assessment by the principal & ayah , strategies to stimulate cognitive functions , motor & speech skills ware introduced . The child was a inment of our school , hostel. So the frequency of the training sessions in the beginning was on a continuous made at Jibanjyoti , which was later spaced by giving adequate training to the ayah for extending the same at Hostel.


2- With the regular intervention program the child become well oriented to the environment & started responding to the ayahs commands. More over, the child is able to stand , able to work independently with minimal support , which was not developed even at the age of years . The above results were noticed in a span of 6 months. The therapy is continuing at the physiotherapy is continuing at the physiotherapy unit of JIBANJYOYI